Happiness Programme

Happiness Programme


Introduction to the Happiness Programme

The Happiness Programme has been developed by Social Ability which blends interactive, sensory light technology with a guided program and training and support. Developed for people living with cognitive physical care needs, the projector, known as a Magic Table 360, offers meaningful and engaging activity. The activities are a collection of interactive games, quizzes, and mindful immersive content that are proving to be effective.

Happiness Programme in Gwent

The Happiness Programme at County Hospital from Social-Ability on Vimeo.

  • The Gwent Regional Partnership Board (GRPB) has provided funding to introduce the Happiness Programme across Gwent.
  • The GPRB Assistive Technology Programme team has been working with Social Ability to distribute and onboard organizations across Gwent.
  • Delivery of the devices commenced in August 2022, and the Happiness Programme is now up and running in health board locations, third-sector organizations, and social housing settings (mostly care homes) in the 5 Gwent local authorities.
  • A total of 143 devices have been delivered. 
  • Impact is being collated and monitored with early indications showing positive results.

Watch the online launch event for the Happiness Programme in Gwent here. Attendees heard an inspirational talk from rugby player Alix Popham about his dementia diagnosis and the Head for Change charity. Updates were provided on assistive technology in the region and the Happiness Programme rollout. Mike Sage from Dragons RFC discussed their community work and new partnership to develop content for the Happiness Programme. Attendees shared feedback and ideas for next steps including training, user groups, and case study videos. There was enthusiasm for further collaboration to maximize the impact of the Happiness Programme in supporting wellbeing across Gwent.

Happiness Programme Resources

Happiness Programme Support and Training

  • Happiness Programme set-up and training forms part of the onboarding process with each setting offered the same
  • If training is required, use the support guide above for more information or call - 01732 373035

AT Feedback / Impact Case Studies

Happiness Programme Impact / Outcomes

These are some of the Happiness Programme impacts listed on the My Improvement Network website:

Happiness Programme Feedback

"The Happiness programmes has encouraged residents to interact with each other leading to conversations that would not have happened. It is an excellent tool for using distracting techniques when residents become agitated." - Rowan House Nursing Home