Children & Young People


The most important outcomes identified through engagement with citizens, partners and use of the prioritisation matrix; and subsequently confirmed through consultation are:

  1. To improve outcomes for children and young people with complex needs through earlier intervention, community based support and placements closer to home.
  2. To ensure good mental health and emotional well-being for children and young people through effective partnership working.




All local authorities have seen a rise in figures which is in line with figures for Wales







At 31 March 2021 the rate of children looked after per 10,000 population aged under 18 ranged from 106 per 10,000 population in Newport  to 229 per 10,000 population in Torfaen. This compared with 115 per 10,000 population for Wales, which is over 10% increase across Wales since 2016.




Being in care can be tough but we can help others by sharing our experiences so that they know there is someone who understands what they are going through.

Youth Forum member

Summary and what we will deliver through the joint Area Plan:

  • Support children and Family Partnership Board’s review of local arrangements for children with complex needs and delivery of work programme with a focus on Looked After Children.
  • Consistent models of practice and alignment of Welsh Government’s early intervention and preventative programmes.
  • Develop and deliver a regional ACE action plan with a focus on earlier intervention and mental health support for children and young people through community based assets.