Dementia Friendly Gwent


What is a Dementia Friendly Community?

Dementia Poster

A dementia-friendly community is a city, town, or village where people with dementia are understood, respected, and supported. In a dementia-friendly community people will be aware of and understand dementia, so that people with dementia can continue to live in the way they want to and in the community they choose.

Why are Dementia Friendly Communities Important?

Dementia-friendly communities are vital in helping people live well with dementia and remain a part of their community. This has never been more important, with people feeling isolated and alone during the Covid19 pandemic, so creating environments that are inclusive and supportive is key to our recovery agenda. Dementia-Friendly Communities encourage everyone to share responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued, and able to contribute to their community

Too many people affected by dementia feel society fails to understand the condition they live with, its impact or how to interact with them. That’s why people with dementia sometimes feel they need to withdraw from their community as the condition progresses.

Dementia Friendly Gwent

Dementia Friendly Gwent previously consisted of five steering groups across each local authority, Torfaen, Newport, Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent, and Monmouthshire. In 2022, a Gwent wide Dementia Friendly Communities’ group was formed, merging the individual local authority steering groups into one overarching group. This alows us to streamline this work Programme and allow partnership working across boroughs. Taking a regional approach has allowed each borough to showcase projects, network and provides opportunities to share learning and raise any current challenges. There were a wide range of partners and members of the community in attendance sharing their passion to improve our communities for people living with dementia their families and career’s.

The group meet bi-monthly and regularly share information in and outside of meetings. If you would like to join the Gwent Dementia Friendly Communities network please contact