Section 16 Forum


These forums are more than just gatherings; they are platforms for transformation and diversification in the care market. The primary goals are to achieve greater well-being and sustainability while rebalancing the care market to ensure a diverse range of service providers. The Gwent Section 16 Forum will be a collaborative development of the previous Provider Forum and Third Sector Collaborative Forums that were previously held in Gwent.

So, what's on the agenda for Section 16 Forums?

1. Transforming Care: We're all about achieving greater well-being and sustainability.

2. Rebalancing the Care Market: Let's strive for a more diverse array of service providers.


Who should attend the Section 16 Forum?

The core members of the Forum will include local and regional commissioners and all care and support providers in the region who are also either social enterprises, cooperatives, user-led organisations or third sector organisations. In addition, s16 organisations who are not currently care providers but who may wish to diversify, are also potential members.

The focus areas for these forums include promoting service delivery that aligns with well-being outcomes, co-production, collaboration, early intervention/prevention, social and cultural value, economic value, and environmental value. Third sector partners are all in to provide support and encouragement to social enterprises, co-operatives, user-led services, and the third sector. We want to ensure that they are not just capable but also enthusiastic about seizing service delivery opportunities.

Commissioners and Section 16 organisations will use the Forum as a space for open dialogue. It's the perfect opportunity to discuss challenges, risks, and opportunities within local communities and across the region. Members, will find the Forum as a hub for mutual support, shared learning, and the promotion of good practices. It's all about encouraging each other to commission and deliver services that resonate with the principles and transformational agenda of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act.

One of the standout features of Section 16 organisations is a key focus on co-production, enabling citizens and carers to have a real voice and control.

There is also a steering group that has tasked themselves with the coordination of the Gwent Section 16 Forum, if you are a provider, or citizen interested in helping to shape and plan these meetings please contact: or


Looking forward to seeing you at the next Section 16 Forum!


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